Friday, September 14, 2012

My Son Loves the Color Pink

My son loves the color pink. It isn't necessarily his favorite color but he doesn't have one right now. He moves from color to color. But there was a short period of time where if the choice was between a "boy" color or pink he chose pink. The thing is, I don't really remember God assigning gender to colors. He made a beautiful creation with beautiful colors and pink is one of them. If my son loves it then I am glad to oblige his taste. 

Some people worry about boys liking pink or wearing their mom's heels. They worry about the interest in their mom's makeup or playing dress up. Some even go so far as worrying when a boy plays with a plastic kitchen set. I used to work at a daycare where a worker would tell the boys to stop playing at the kitchen, it was a girl's toy. Since when is fire only for girls? I guess it needs to be a really big fire to qualify as boy's play. 

When my son was going through his pink stage and had a pink cup someone asked my husband if I "made him like pink." It isn't a secret that I have some feminist leanings, although I don't enjoy the connotations that come with that word. I would rather just say I am pro-intelligence and anti-stupidity. 

What really gets me is we get it from both sides. 

Men tag women as "illogical, weak, gossips." And even if they don't label us like that, it is still clear that they think themselves superior...and women do too. Not only that but it is okay to imitate boys as girls, it is cute because we are trying to better ourselves, I suppose. But if a boy even declares he likes pink, some men are ready to whip it out of them right then and there.

In a news article in the New York Times there was this quote: "...girls gain status by moving into “boy” space, while boys are tainted by the slightest whiff of femininity. “There’s a lot more privilege to being a man in our society,” says Diane Ehrensaft, a psychologist at the University of California, San Francisco...“When a boy wants to act like a girl, it subconsciously shakes our foundation, because why would someone want to be the lesser gender?”

I've said this same thing before. So, it was nice to hear it from someone else. Why would someone want to be the lesser gender? Who the hell made the criteria for each gender? I'm sorry, God didn't lay it out so I don't see where the validity is. Most girls act this or that way? I never did. Most boys act this or that way? You have to choose, get beat up or act a certain way. My two-year old understands the way a lot of things work already, it doesn't take that long to realize what is expected of you. Why can't we focus on more important things and the world would have so much more beauty and less ugliness if weren't all so insecure.

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