Monday, March 19, 2012

My Adventure Into Steampunk; Upcycle File Cabinet

So, I didn't even know it had a name. My admiration for metal, fantastical Victorian drawings, old mixed with new, bronze. Apparently, I like Steampunk. Or, at least, I dream of decorating parts of my house that way, and incorporating elements of it into my wardrobe. I was not introduced to the proper name until I had conjured ideas in my head for certain areas of my house and searched for pictures to see if I could find items to make it a realization. I kept running into the word "Steampunk" when I would find pictures I admired. I had never heard of it before.

 I am now not even sure that my taste and ideas completely match with hardcore Steampunkians, so I am a little timid to use the label. I have a feeling my style is also "Industrial." Either way, I worked on this side entryway to our house. My main project was the file cabinet. Which was originally a beat up grey cabinet that somebody used in their garage.

I found it on Craigslist for $10. Cleaned it up, painted it bronze. I then bought original glass typewriter keys and glued them underneath the handle. You cannot see it in the picture but the cabinet is on four sturdy wheels.The decorations came from two different thrift stores near my house. On the left is a bronze clock that looks like the wheel of a ship and has a map for the face. In the middle is a man on a bicycle made from nails and bolts. Lastly, is an old exterior light fixture. I liked the shape of it and figured it could hold pens or something else. Above is a print that I bought from from this shop (highly recommend taking a look). And I framed it with a frame I found at the same thrift store I got the bicycle man at. I found the key holder at the store where I got the clock and light and bought it for $1 and painted it yellow.

Altogether, I am pleased with the outcome! Hope you enjoyed looking.

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