Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Beauty of Age

I look at you sitting there
Beauty in the grayness of your hair
Deep roads of wisdom line your face
And carved, etched around your lips
Where words fall with grace.

In wonderment I sit
And watch your hands as they flit
In them I see meaning, accomplishment, peace
Resting now, no shifting
And the sweetness of release.

And hope in this cruel, grasping world
All that I have laid down
Will lead me to one day bask
In the splendor of age
And wear time like a crown.

-Emily Chumchal Andrews

© January 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

What I Wore- New Year's Day

So, this post is kind of late in coming seeing as it was New Year's Day that I took these and it is nearing the end of January, but whatever.

New Year's Eve we went to a beautiful wedding, dressed up, and danced all night. Because my parents had our boys that means that New Years Day we slept in, dressed down, and then went out for lunch.

We went to Barnaby's which is a cute cafe on West Gray and Taft here in Houston. 

I am a horrible selfie taker. 
By the way, spell check does not recognize "selfie."
It would like me to substitute "selfish" or self."
Husband takes picture and gets me mid "checking- my- teeth- before- picture- tongue- swipe." Battery on phone is low so no more takes.

   Gotta save the batteries for full length, outside of cafe photo.

Ski hat: I have no idea, it was probably my dad's. 
Flannel: Had it since I was 12 (which means it is 21 years old!)
Black Cami: Do you love it? I love it. I got it at Ross.
Red Jeans: Macy's, man.
Black boots: A cheap shoe store in a run down mall. 
Makeup: Whatever I couldn't wipe off from New Year's Eve. But if someone asked I could call it "Remnants" and make it sound better.

Hope your New Year is off to a great start. I intend to do some brainstorming and intentionally take some time to write some poetry or an essay next. Come back now, you hear?

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