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So, an about me page is such an intimidating thing. Mark Twain said: "We do not deal much in facts when we are contemplating ourselves." I believe he spoke truth when he said that but I will tell you what I think I know about myself. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, woman. I believe strongly in the value of life, love, laughter, dancing, singing, hard work, sweat, the outdoors, and God who created these for us.

I love to write, to create pictures with words through journaling. I write poetry and short stories  and jot down observations in my little notebook. I have to write. I love to create. I do so by cooking and using my skills as a licensed Cosmetologist. I paint and always have some project in the works. I am learning to sew and have not yet learned to take the time to use a pattern.

 I love to learn. To learn anything! In fact, I am interested in so many things, I don't know if I will ever learn them all! It has lead me to take Karate, to teach myself to sew, to improve my cooking, to devour books. I longboard, canoe, swim, read, act in my local theater and a few short films. I play the drums. This is a portion of me. I am complex like any human being and I hope you get to know me better through my blog even if we never meet.

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