Monday, December 29, 2014

What I Wore- Bobmas Shopping

While I do not intend for this blog to become a fashion blog, it is what I can manage right now with my two little ones. Outfit inspiration (for a tight budget) is always a useful thing, right?

So, having said that, you might be wondering what "Bobmas" is and I will explain. My husband's birthday is the day after Christmas and his name is Bobby. So, his brother coined his birthday "Bobmas"  (Bobby + Christmas) and it has stuck ever since. Bobby likes to go shopping to spend his Christmas money on his birthday so that is what we always do. Usually we go down to Montrose, we scour Half Price books, a record store or two...our tradition usually includes going to our favorite sushi place "Oishii" to discover it is closed for a three week holiday, but we remembered this year and just settled for Thai Cottage. Neither of us bought anything that day, I think the mall crowds scare us more as we get older and have increased our family size! 

Anyway, let's talk a little more about what I wore. Jeans that fit well are the one item I believe is worth paying more to own. 
The jeans I am wearing are Lauren Ralph Lauren Straight Leg Nolita. I get them at Dillard for $68. 

The blouse was a find at Goodwill ($6). I fell in love with the color and the sleeves.

 The shoes have been featured before and are my favorite to wear. They go with anything and are classy brown leather with a gold buckle. Beautimous! As my dad says. They are also from Goodwill ($5).

 I hope your new year is a blessed one!

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