Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh My!

I haven't written a post since January! When I have a break from running after my baby boy, cooking for my family (which included 4 teenage foreign exchange students) and cleaning up after them all, I found that it took so long to de-muddle my brain that my baby had woken up from his nap or someone needed to be taken somewhere or cleaned, etc.

I have this desire to write well thought out posts, but I think, once in awhile I should just post something to make sure I do. However, I have been writing in a notebook consistently for the past month. I have to say I am proud of this accomplishment. So, now that I am writing something, let me at least broach some subject.
I have found that I am finally entering a new stage in my life, where kids in high school do not know what some of the things I talk about are. I wondered when I would reach this stage where I am unique to some generation, where I say "we didn't have that when I was your age", where I date myself, when I mention a fad that I didn't really realize was a fad until I see that they have no idea what it is, where I say "I was there" and they were, like, 3 or when technology is a little ahead of me.

In the past month, I have predicted fashion, but only because I have recognized that the 1990's are back, and I guess what might come next. In the past month, I have mentioned three things and the teenagers I talked to didn't know what I was talking about.

1) Remember the Magic Eye pictures? Where you had to stare at them and see if you could see an image that didn't seem to be there? They didn't know what that was.
2) Remember the Sky Screamer at Astroworld (at least you Houstonians)? They had never ridden it and they didn't know what it was. But, really, they were only 13 when Astroworld was gone completely.
3) They didn't know that DC Talk was originally Hip Hop. Not everyone knows DC Talk but these kids did. However, they didn't know that they started out Hip Hop. I started talking about it because they mentioned Fanny packs. I told them Fanny Packs were actually cool at one time (like when I was a kid) and then I proceeded to talk about how Toby Mac wore one in a DC Talk music video for Heavenbound when they were Hip Hop. I even started to sing the song. That is probably one of those moments where Elijah will slap his forhead and say "OMG" when he is older.

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