Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Trip to Santa Fe

I was originally very excited about going to a coffee shop in Santa Fe called "Holy Spirit Espresso." It was so small there was no where to sit and it was labeled as "the best coffee shop in town." When we went there were at least seven people in front of me waiting as you can see in the picture below.
I ordered a Machiato and paid three dollars for the cup I am holding in the picture below (hence my face that asks: "this is what I paid for?" and pointing at small cup).
My reaction to the best coffee in town:
So, we went to good 'ol Starbucks and played checkers with pieces of paper we tore into squares.


Unknown said...

Nice jacket!! :)

L. said...

Yep, that face is all too familiar. The first time I ordered a cappucino from a non-'bucks? A paper cup of dry, mouth-parching foam with this bitter, gritty espresso stuff lying stagnant at the bottom. There must have been grounds floating in it. I mean, they should've known that I wasn't asking for an *actual* cappucino, right? Oh well, props to you for being brave and then being honest on top of it. And the checkers pic is all so very cute.

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