Monday, January 14, 2008


I have not blogged in awhile and as I have not really been informed what you are supposed to write on a blog I usually don't know where to begin. I just want to write. Is a blog supposed to have a theme such as: 'My deep thoughts" or "My Daily Life." Sometimes I don't have many thoughts and days just happen.
This week my husband has been gone on a missions trip and I have spent a few days with his parents, a couple by myself, and a couple with my parents. It has been a fun experience being back in my house and being in Bobby's parent's house. In both, I realize how much mom's should be appreciated. The things that I do for Bobby have been done for me when I am staying at each parent's house. I have been thinking: "Wow, this is pretty nice." They cook dinner for me, wash dishes for me, make my lunch (or at least help me prepare it) and see if I am comfortable. I don't really do much. I try to help but there is not much for me to do.
I really miss Bobby though. I miss doing stuff for him- even though when he comes back I will want his help. More than that..his thoughtfulness. That is one thing I have been trying to make sure of as I stay as a daughter once again. I am doing it all over correctly. I throw even the tiniest bit of trash away, such as the plastic you take of the top of the milk carton to open it for the first time. I try to rinse out my dishes even if I don't wash it. I ask if I can help. Moms are wonderful beings and beings without much appreciation.
This blog is not very polished but I am posting it merely because I need to get back in the groove and to give a little shout out to moms.

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Unknown said...

Hi Emily! I just found this from your Facebook profile. You should write more! I love your words and I really want to read more of them. :)

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