Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Listening Eyes

I am the student that college professors finally land on and look at for 75% of their lecture. I guess it is because my parents never let me get away with eyes wandering if they were speaking. "Look at me while I am talking to you." It shows someone that what they have to say is important, that was what I was taught. 

Beginning in my youth, I had people in parks and grocery stores telling me their stories, their worries and fears. I cannot think of why else except that, when they looked into my eyes, they felt I would listen. 

When a child speaks to me, I try my best to turn my eyes on them just the same as any adult because I believe what they have to say it just as important as anyone else. I find myself frowning when an adult trivializes what a child has to say. 

 Many translate my constant wonder and smile to naivety. Many take my quietness as a lack of cleverness. Many assume my quiet voice comes from timidity. Many think I am weird for the things I do say. I have had to learn that most people are not good listeners and this is because most people have a thirst to be heard. They will try to quench it even at the expense of others. 

So, I try to listen.

Sometimes I want to be listened to. I want to not be the girl who yells: "got it!" only for someone to hurdle themselves in front of me and steal the show. The volleyball court of life. Sometimes I want to answer for myself. Sometimes I get nervous when all eyes finally do turn on me, I am not used to it. Always, I thank God for friends who turn to me, look at me, and ask: "Emily, what do you think?"

And listen.

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