Friday, January 11, 2013

Dispel All the Dark

This isn't polished yet but it is still sort of shiny

Little child dream
Dispel all the dark
The dark that tries to bite you
And hide you in its cloak.
Make bright the world around you
Love all who you see
Wish and wish and wish
And climb every tree.
Dance in the puddles
Run in the rain
Laugh when you are joyful
And cry when you are in pain.
Emotions have value
Just as logic does
But let neither overtake you
Only let love.
And love until you burst
Because sometimes that how it feels
And sometimes you bruise your heart
When you’ve fallen head over heels
But laugh and laugh harder
Laugh at all the world
Because their ideals aren’t so important
As living life unfurled.
And living life with purpose
If that purpose only be
To live with love unfettered
And to be what you must be.
To know that God is bigger
Then you will ever understand
And you are living life secure
But not jailed by his hand.
People will always wonder at you smiling
Or for most anything at all
Except for being like them
And that dream is sort of small.
-Emily Chumchal Andrews

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Unknown said...

This is amazing!

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