Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Two AM Poetry 11/20/12

November 21, 2012

Thoughts awhirl in my head in my bed
Weigh down on me  like lead. 
And if I close my eyes perhaps I can shed
All the weight, all the thoughts like I’m dead. Like I’m dead. 
Sleep! Sleep! Lay down my head
In the depths of the deep deep pillow and shed and shed.
 My thoughts like a snake skin but they are fed. 
By the darkness and weariness and worries  “I need peace now.” I said. 
But the dark does not listen and I've read. I have read.
My thoughts on the pillow they have bled they have bled.
Sopping though it is, red, it is red.
I lay down weary, all the heaviness that is my head.
I lay it in the pillow, my thoughts and heart all in a shred.

-Emily Chumchal  Andrews

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