Sunday, November 22, 2009


Beautiful thing:
November 19- The delicious dinner I made for Tony's birthday! I think he really enjoyed it. I made Salmon, rice, watermelon, corn on the cob, and crab and then placed a lobster on his plate. Those are all of his favorite foods.

November 20-22- We went to Camp Peniel for the weekend taking the boys to camp and the weather was beautiful but not only that I got to be outside in it- a lot! In particular this morning I washed my hair and stepped out with it still wet. The air was cool and the sunshine bright and the wind was a mere breeze blowing my hair back every so often, brushing my face. I loved it!

Camp Peniel has a High School camp in November and we took the boys to it because if they want to get an American experience this is definetly one of the best! We aren't sure what their verdict is, but ours is that camp will always be in our blood and we loved it!

The weather was beautiful. We played Warball (which is intense indoor dodgeball)and "Rocks" which is a game other camp people will know but would be confusing if I tried to type it out here.

I only got to do canoeing for activities because Elijah was inevitable hungry right around activity time each day, but he did so well I was absolutely proud of him. He was hungry during worship time as well, but at least I can feed him and enjoy that at the same time. It is lovely listening to a sermon outside. I imagine it is what Jesus' disciples did often. I love doing anything outside though when the weather is clear and crisp and beautiful. I think it makes my mind more clear and everything else crisp and beautiful!

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