Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was reading a blog of a friend of mine and she was talking about how she has not been blogging so consistenly as she used to. How she used to journal consistently even if it was just to say what she did that day. Her words sounded like ones that have come out of my mouth or been written by my hand on paper. She even mentioned going back and reading her earlier journals which I have done lately. Wow.
Anyway, it made me think that this blog could just be a record of what I did today. Maybe I will make a timeline.

5:26- turned off the alarm. (I don't know why- I like to pick odd times to get up- that is, not an increment of five.)
5:34- got up
5:35-stared at my clothes
5:37-picked out "dressy" jeans, pink top, with lacy white top underneath, and white ballet shoes.
5:38- put them on
5:41-got my lunch together, brushed my hair, etc.
5:46- kissed my husband
5:48- grabbed my jacket and headed to work
5:48-6:48- listened to Oldies on my radio on the way to work
6:48-7:00- slept in my car in the parking lot
7:00- opened up office
7:00-3:00 Answered phones, made Chris laugh, made Darrell laugh, addressed Christmas cards to customers, updated contact information of customers, ate lunch in Lisa's office with Lisa and Kim, argued with Kim and Lisa about whether Arby's ever had Barbeque sandwiches or not (while I ate my Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal with Walnuts and Raisins), quoted an auto, sent quotes, and said "Bye Lisa, bye Kim."
3:00-3:45 drove toward home
3:45-4:20 grocery shopped and bought Spinach, Dannon Blueberry Yogurt (no artificial anything), REAL butter, Grapenuts Cereal (name brand for hubby, off brand for me), onion, carrots, garlic, get the idea (healthy stuff)
4:20-4:30- drove home, put up groceries
4:30-4:50- talked to hubby about important stuff and his rough day
4:50-5:20- made Cheddar bay Biscuits for the feast tonight
5:30-6:45- hung out with the RVICS who come to camp to work as missionaries there for a month. The RVICS are a group of retired couples who do about month long projects for different christian organizations. They are at camp helping to paint cabins and finish the Dining Hall. We ate Shrimp, biscuits, salad, strawberries, and coleslaw (I didn't eat Coleslaw-yuck!)
6:45- left for some thing we felt we needed to do for camp
7:00-8:00- did the thing
8:15-8:30- practiced Swing dancing because we want to do a routine for a talent show at Family Camp.
8:30-9:00 -put photos in photo album because I am trying to organize them all.
9:00-9:30 -tried to outbid somebody on Ebay for a present for Bobby. I was the highest bidder but didn't meet the reserve price.
9:30-present- checked myspace, checked facebook, checked blog and began writing.


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bwallace said...

It's in the genes. I too set the alarm clock for odd times. I just thought I was weird.

and Arby's should bring back the Arby-Q sandwich. much better than that vomit aftertaste, melted cheese they put on stuff.

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