Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have been reading a book that I borrowed from a friend. She enjoyed the book immensely. Right now all I can say is that the author has a writing style I like. I also enjoy the frankness she displays but I was disturbed reading one chapter in the book on the author’s beliefs about abortion.
She is a Christian and her book is her own thoughts on faith. What startled me was not that she had questions about the morality of abortion but that there was no question at all and she was emphatic about that fact. What was most disturbing was that when stating her argument she said that we should not bring into the world children who aren’t wanted. It seems to take away responsibility from a woman. I am a feminist myself but I my beliefs on abortion don’t coincide with many feminist out there. I believe in responsibility. Because a man is allowed to act like a fool a woman should be allowed to act like a fool as well and not be ridiculed. But should the woman act foolishly because she can? Not all cases are foolishness, that is bothersome to me when people tag rape as a woman's fault, but aren't we still taking away responsibility to care for another?
I was not as shocked reading the book as I would have been simply because I have heard this once before. In a creative writing class I took there was a woman in my class that I became close to. We would talk after class, share our ideas. This was because we had the immediate knowledge when we met that the other was a Christian. As we talked and the class progressed I found out that she was not anti-abortion. That was shocking enough. I had met some who were anti-abortion except in the case of rape or believed if a woman is going to die because of the pregnancy she should abort. I had never met one who was a strong Christian and yet believed that abortion merely if it was your decision was okay. Needless to say, I didn't agree. However, it presented me with a lot of cud to chew.
This morning I decided to peruse the internet by typing in Christian Pro-Choice. I did so and there are plenty of websites presenting this case.
What is infiltrating our church? American Christians lack distinguishment from other Americans. We are part of this world and should not distance ourselves from people in it-yet this world is not our home. We cannot bend our philosophy to fit a world that does not love God. I have decided to research Christian Pro-Choice and see what they have to say and I hope to write about it soon.

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