Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The day before Halloween I am pondering Halloween. More accurately I am thinking about costumes. My family did not celebrate Halloween and our church had no alternative to Halloween. I am not sure why. But I miss that I missed out on the chance to plan out a costume every year and show my creation off to a bunch of people. It sounds fun. I am still uncomfortable with celebrating Halloween, but I would love to go a costume party. I think you are never too grown up for one.
Costumes and grown-ups are funny. When we are children we are so blunt and confident and love dressing in costumes for parties, Halloween, playtime...bedtime. The older we get the more we walk on eggshells and the less confident we become. We think dressing in costumes is for children and silly. But grown-ups change disguises many times every day. It is not just different responsibilities we take on, it is a whole new persona we have created for that "role." We are "Mom," "Socialite," "Wife," "Boss," and "Good Friend." It is tiring.
Another disguise applicable to women only is a disguise called "makeup." They like to wear this disguise everyday and not leave the house without it. I do not mind this disguise if it is because it is a fun disguise, but when it is worn every day it is like the child who never wants to take his Superman PJ's off. Better it is like a pacifier that a child sucks. It is security because the woman believes that there is something in her face that she has to "make up" for. When men wear it every day because they feel they have to I may consider it.

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