Friday, June 14, 2013


Well, it has been so long since I have written that I don't think I am going to write an in-depth blog, just something to start the writing juices flowing again. I have been out of commission for a few months because I have terrible first trimesters. Yes, I am pregnant with a second one. Another boy! My first 16 weeks are terrible, the next are bearable, and then I get to week  20 and I feel as close to normal as I will get during pregnancy. I even did a Step class this past Wednesday which is a pretty intense workout. I had to modify some things because there are a lot of push-ups and jumping but I think I did pretty well and I didn't stop once which is saying a lot because the percentage of the class that stops often is quite high.

So, during this pregnancy, I learned a lot because it is certainly different when you have one already. Also, I am in  a completely different place then I was with my first pregnancy. During my first I was a Full-time Camp and Retreat Center Director alongside my husband, I lived in Hitchcock, Texas on the campground and we went to a tiny church that had probably one other couple our age. Now, my husband is a teacher, I am a Homemaker/Stylist, I live in Baytown, go to a mid-sized church with a few families that are the same age and in the same place. All those things add up to a different lifestyle.

Funny because summer always has me thinking of camp even though we were year round. I guess because the whole year was always a gear up for Summer Camp no matter what other retreat we were running at the time. During the summer I can almost tell what time of day it is just by sounds and the way the air feels and the sun shines. It is odd and beautiful and it leaves a small ache sometimes. Knowing. The fact that it seems to be in my blood but that it is not where I am called right now. But also knowing that I am happy right here and that it is exactly because I am not there right now. Splashing in the pool makes me think of it, being with a group of kids, even mowing the lawn. Now it makes me much happier than it used to. I mean remembering. I am glad to be able to remember in this way. I love summer.

I love my brown little son learning to swim, smelling sunblock, teaching baseball to him, feeling the kick of my new little one swimming in his own private pool, having my husband beside me for a few minutes when I wake up because he doesn't have to go to work yet. Love. Summer. Smiles.

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